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i do not know why hayden put mrs.lousburrys and mrs.graus blog on
there. i gues it was because that was our teachers last year
and if any students wanted a shortcut it was there. so sorry
if your wondering why they are there.



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Last Post

Sorry about that last post I made. I’m back in!

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If you go on Club Penguin here are some tips to find me.
1) I like small servers.
2) I only go on during weekends or breaks.
3) I wear a black puffle hat, I am light blue, and I wear a green recycle shirt.
4) My name is Hay Dog718
5) I move room to room a lot.
Use these tips to find me on Club Penguin. ( Click on the link to go to Club Penguin.).

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spring break

hi everybody! spring break is coming up so hold in there! i know school can be hard but try to stay on the good side of the teacher. i blew my chance in 1 grade, 2 grade, and 3 grade but i figured out that you might just end up in the pricibles office. be careful

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St. Patrick’s Day

Hello and happy St Patricks Day! Wear green and dont drink too much!

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Check This Out

Hello! I made a new site check it out @

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