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Bye bye

Wotcher everyone,

Or bye bye. Tomorrow I am going to sleep away camp for 2 weeks. So ta-ta for now!!


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Wotcher everyone,

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More Polls

Wotcher Everyone,

I was bored so I made some polls and before I show them to you I need to say one thing…

HAPPY 4th OF JULY EVERYONE!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 . Ok so here are the polls.

Another good thing about Independence Day is IT’S 2 WEEKS TO MY BIRTHDAY!!!! So vote, watch the World Cup, and have a happy 4th of July!!!!!!! 🙂

P.S. If you have another 4th of July favorite I left out comment and tell me what it is.  😉

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World Cup

Wotcher everyone,

Today I don’t know much about what happened with the World Cup except Spain won and Germany beat Argentina 4-0. I wanted Argentina to win except I didn’t really care what happened with the Spain game. See you again in the Semi Finals for your World Cup update brought to you by WordPress, your blogging home.

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Wotcher everyone,

I just wanted to give you a World Cup update. Today the Netherlands beat Brazil 2-1 and Uruguay beat Ghana in a shoot out when Ghana had 2 goals and Uruguay had 4.I am happy about both wins!!!! 🙂 Since USA is out LET’S GO NETHERLANDS!!!! 🙂 🙂    =D \-<  (GUY SMILING AND RASING HIS FIST) I’ll give you another World Cup update on the next World Cup game day. GO NETHERLANDS!!!!!!

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Wotcher to Wotcher

Wotcher everyone.
If you are going to comment or publish something (Eliot…) In the beginning you must say Wotcher blah blah blah. That’s it.

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Long time no post but here are some polls!!